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Sabtu, 03 September 2011

Traditional Cancer Drugs

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Cancer is an abnormal growth of new tissue and malignant tissue that grows uncontrollably and spread. Cancer cells are formed from normal cells in a process called transformation.

The transformation process consists of two phases namely the initiation and promotion stages. At the initiation stage occurs a change in the genetic material of cells into cells that grow rapidly.This was caused by a known carcinogenic agent that could be chemicals, viruses, radiation (radiation), or sunlight.

In the promotion stage, cells that have undergone initiation to become malignant. Cancer cells can cause fatal damage on the growth of the cancer. Cancer cells can spread through the bloodstream and lymph vessels and then he will be nesting and breeding as well as attacking normal cells.

Causes of cancer

The cause of cancer is still not known with certainty. However, several factors are suspected as triggers of this disease. Among these are genetic factors (family history), the influence of diet, such as excessive alcohol use and smoking. Other causes include environmental factors, for example, exposure to chemicals such as asbestos can cause lung cancer triggers.

Cancer and lifestyle

Economic and social development has brought great changes in people's lifestyles. High levels of activity cause destructive lifestyle.Interestingly, a report said, "Amazingly, 30% of fatal cancer that mostly caused by smoking and 30% following the lifestyle, especially caused by bad eating habits and lack of exercise".

So no matter who you are, you have a big risk factor for getting cancer if you have an unhealthy lifestyle. Fat-laden foods, lack of sleep and exercise, high stress level, a few risk factors that allow the emergence of various diseases, including cancer.

Therefore, in the fight against cancer, in addition to treatment, it is wise to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and stress management is good because what you are thinking can have a big impact on your body.

Your choice of cancer drug

Currently, methods of cancer treatment the most commonly undertaken a cancer patient is medically cancer treatment, usually includes surgery (surgery), radiation (radiation), and chemotherapy, or a combination of all three. Medical cancer treatment aimed at destroying and killing cancer cells.

Unfortunately, not only the damaged cancer cells, healthy cells and tissues that could go faulty. Therefore, it is often the treatment of these cancers can cause a variety of negative side effects. No wonder if there are cancer patients who choose alternative cancer treatment because he wanted to avoid side effects from radiation, chemotherapy or because of financial reasons.

There are various types of alternative cancer treatments, but the most demanding is the treatment of cancer using anticancer herbs.In addition to an affordable cost, with the herbal cancer treatment proven effective to eradicate cancer cells without side effects.

Ant Nest (Myrmecodia pendans) is a plant that originated from Papua who have traditionally been used by indigenous Papuans to treat a variety of hereditary diseases. And now the results of modern research found that these plants contain active compounds is important as flavonoids, tocopherols, phenolic and rich in various minerals that are useful as antioxidants and anticancer, so just used as a cure for cancer or tumors. Antioxidants play an important role for free radicals cause cancer so it is good to prevent and treat cancer.

Free radicals circulating in the body tries to steal electrons that exist in other molecules such as DNA and cells. If that happens, then the DNA and cells that lose electrons can become damaged and unstable, thereby potentially causing cancer. Where the role of antioxidants which help stop the destruction of the cell by giving electrons to free radicals, thus preventing free radicals to steal an electron from DNA or cells, thus being healthy and cancerous cells can be inhibited.

Ant nests are rich in antioxidant content, not only can prevent cancer, but can also be used as a cancer drug that is even spreading fast though. With various content of the active compound, Ants Nest works on the cell by stimulating the immune system to fight cancer cells, for example, one of the antioxidants contained in the ant nest, flavonoids, proved to have mechanisms in combating tumors / cancer, including:

1. Inactivation of carcinogens
Disabling active substances that cause cancer.

2. Antiproliferasi
Hinder the process of multiplication of abnormal cells in cancer.

3. Inhibition of cell cycle
In cancer, there is a failure in the control of cell division cycle, where cells undergo rapid division and continuously. In this case flavonoids work by inhibiting abnormal cell division cycle (cancer) is.

4. Induction of apoptosis and differentiation
Stimulate cancer cell suicide process.

5. Angiogenesis inhibition
Inhibits the formation of new blood vessels in cancer cells that play a role in providing food / nutrition for the development of cancer cells. If cancer cells are not getting adequate nutrition, cancer cells will die.

6. Reversal of multi-drug resistance.
Flavonoids help the body avoid resistance / resistant to the drugs consumed.

Because the work within the scope of cells, cancer patients who choose alternative cancer treatments with herbs such as ant nests have to be patient to get results because in general the effect of the new ant nests can be felt after one to two months of use. Restoring health takes time. However, if the treatment is done in understated by applying a healthy lifestyle, all the time spent during treatment does not end in vain.

Various information on the tune with a positive response from users Ants Nest. For example Hendro Saputro ant nest that has been introduced as a medicinal plant since 2001 revealed that those who consume this herbal healing many who get a really thorough, such as brain cancer, uterine cancer, and prostate cancer. He commented as published in the magazine Nature that the "average who drank boiled Ants Nest and get results after a week and some even three days have seen the results".

The same thing also felt the cancer patient who became users Mecodia Capsules, namely Ants Nest extract products, the average reported already feeling the benefits in just 1-2 months. In fact, many customers are already undergoing medical treatment with chemical drugs, also combine it with ant nest and feel the healing process faster than before. This information is matched with the comments contained in Dr Gods Poster Magazine, "Patients who combines antioxidants and chemical medicine physician heal faster than just using chemical drugs."

There also are already using another anti-cancer herbs such as Noni Juice and Keladi Tikus then combine it with ant nest and feel the same results, where the healing process gradually be felt sooner.

Ants Nest Of course herbs can be used as one of the best options as a cure for cancer, not only because of economic reasons, but also in some cases recovery may be obtained without having to go through the process of exhausting and painful treatment, surgery, chemotherapy, and without having experienced various side effectsAnother negative effect of medical treatment. Given the scientific research is still small, it is possible in the future will be found other active substances contained in the ant nest that can further explain how this herb can destroy cancer quickly and thoroughly.

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