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Sabtu, 03 September 2011

Benefits of Walking for Your Health

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Just imagine, just by lifting your buttocks off the couch in front of the tv or your office chair and walk around the house / office of your health and fitness has increased dramatically.

Here are some of the benefits of walking we can get: 

Keeping Blood Pressure 
When you walk, your blood pressure decrease and cardiovascular function (blood metabolic system, heart and blood vessels) in your body increases. Recent studies also show that although you have been doing light exercise each week, it was not enough to lower blood pressure and improve your fitness. 30 minutes walk in 3 days during the week proved to be more effective against health and your blood pressure.

Maintain Health Heart and Muscle 
Walking can increase your heart rate, strengthens muscles and burn fat. Walking can train muscle strength and resilience of your body, and maintain strong bones and joints.

Maintaining Balance Weight 
By walking, without realizing we can reap a positive impact on the balance weight. Walking every day will burn calories in the body.The farther you go, the more calories are burned in the body.

Slowing Aging Process
Walking can reduce stress levels and indirectly slow the aging process. Thus, stress management and relaxation will be more easy to do. Walking in the morning sun will help your skin to produce Vitamin D which is essential to your health. A study in the United States and Canada said that Vitamin D can reduce cancer risk and the risk of Osteoporosis. Walking regularly helps to form a strong leg, helping to make the waist look slim and helps you sleep better at night.

Runs Very Good For Brain Function
In an investigational study of a woman who walked regularly for 90 minutes per week had better cognitive function than women who regularly runs only 40 minutes per week.

Walking Reduces Risk of Breast and Colon Cancer
Women who regularly walk in the span of 75-150 minutes per week reduces the risk of breast cancer compared with women who rarely runs a regular basis. Many studies show that walking regularly can also prevent colon cancer. In certain cases, colon cancer patients who walked regularly the quality of life will increase.

Walking Helps Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
Diabetes prevention program showed, by walking 150 minutes per week and reduce the 7% of your weight, will be able to reduce the risk of diabetes as much as 58%. Recent discoveries also suggest that we do not need to run a marathon, or start a diet program that makes you hungry to prevent diabetes, simply start walking and reduce the 7% of your weight. Easy enough right?

Walking Helps Reduce Symptoms of Depression 
Walk for 30 minutes in 3-4 days a week can reduce stress symptoms by 47%.

Walking Improve Fitness
Walk for 30 minutes during the week can improve your fitness Kardiorespiratori. Walking upright, staring straight ahead, and swing your arm. Air circulation in your body increases and your breathing is also increasing.

How? Not many benefits to be gained from walking regularly?

But first, consult your health with your doctor or health expert before you start the program running on a regular basis. In order to obtain maximum results start with healthy eating.

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