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Minggu, 04 September 2011

Cell Phone Radiation Damage Sperm Sells

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Phone ringing sound in your pants pocket can be a danger alarm for sperm cells. According to a study that found cell phone radiation hazards on the quality of sperm.

Some research has shown men sperm count cell phone users have fewer, more slow moving and damaged, compared with men who did not use the phone. But actually the problem is where to store the cell phone.

About two months ago researchers from South Africa found the man who brought his cell phone on your hip or in front pants pocket has a slower sperm in swimming and also less concentrated. Both are very influential on a man's fertility.

Latest study on the effects of radiation conducted by researchers from Turkey to the subject of human sperm cells stained in the cup which was given exposure to mobile phone radiation for an hour. Exposure causes the sperm to be abnormal, so the difficulty reaching the egg.

\ "You should be aware of this research by a man who was still in the reproductive age and used to put a cell phone in his trouser pocket, \" says Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., director of the University of California, Berkeley's Center for familiy and Community Health.

Another study conducted on mice also gave alarming results. The researchers placed mice in a special cage with a mobile phone is placed 2 inches from the bottom of the cage.

Once adjacent to the cell phone 6 hours every day for 18 weeks, the researchers found the percentage of live sperm decreased 25 percent, from 70 percent previously. Besides sperm cells the mice were also stuck together so it can not fertilize an egg.

Moskowitz said the results of this study have not reached a conclusion because the mechanism of radiation on changes in sperm cells is unknown.

One theory says the phone will heat up when in use so that it will increase the temperature around the male genital organs when stored in a pants pocket.

Another hypothesis states that it is concerned with electromagnetic frequencies emitted by cell phones. Both the cell body or cell phones emit electromagnetic frequency and high frequency radiation will be absorbed by the body to the network thereby increasing the molecular motion in the cell body.

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