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Sabtu, 24 September 2011

Be Slim With Honey

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Honey is believed to be the first aid for healing or as a stamina enhancer supplements since the first. But now not only that which became the properties of honey. Honey helps weight loss programs? How?

The ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, and Romans believed that honey has a remarkable efficacy as a medicine and also supplements the body. Now grow again one benefits of honey. Based on the research process was honey can help decrease body weight in diet programs. Hmm .. how is it possible?

In 2008 a study by the Journal of Food Science reported the results of their research. Research carried out on a number of mice that had been fed honey was able to reduce weight up to 23% compared with a low sugar foods for a year (one year old mice with the human age of 20 years).

"Honey is honey that is used with a fairly high antioxidant content, this is menyebabkana greater fat burning," said Lynne Chepulis, Ph.D. , Chairman of research and also the author of the book 'Healing Honey' (Brown Walker Press, 2008).

According to him again, all foods that contain high enough antioxidants like green tea can boost metabolism that affect the burning of fat also increased. But keep in mind, not all honey is rich in antioxidants. Other studies have shown that this type of honey that are often encountered as clover honey from the tree does not have a fairly high antioxidant content, it was never published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

The researchers connect with honey weight loss is pretty good, but only the beginning. Adding a sweetener in the diet without reducing mekanan coupled others apparently lead to weight gain.

Researchers at Penn State University tested the honey to dextromethorphan, the active ingredient in most cough medicines as a cough suppressant in children and found honey to be more effective. Sweet taste of honey is probably what makes 'active ingredient'. If you want to relieve your child's cough cough ataupn try drinking your own honey.

But do not occasionally give honey to infants under one year. Because honey can contain spores of the bacterium that causes botulism, because the baby's body usually do not have good immunity as adults.

"In theory, the honey bees collect pollen from plants. By eating just a little honey every day mempu stimulate your immune system and can also reduce allergies, "explains Miguel P. Wolbert, an allergist and immunologist at Allergy & Asthma Care Center in Evansville, Indiana. "But that does not mean your honey can cure allergies, just a little less allergic." He again added.

Well, if you already know how rich the benefits of honey for honey body will you consume each day?

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