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Kamis, 08 September 2011

Soy Prevents Breast Cancer Recurrence

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A diet high in soy, the isoflavones, thought to reduce the risk of recurrence of breast cancer survivors, especially the (survivors) of breast cancer.

The experts found the breast cancer survivors who had entered menopause and regularly consume isoflavones from soy, about 42.3 milligrams per day, have a lower risk of cancer recurrence than those who eat soy in smaller portions, ie, 15.2 mg per day.

Links between the components of soy and breast cancer is unclear, but researchers believe isoflavones affect levels of estrogen in the body. However, other studies show the opposite effect, isoflavones actually increase the risk of breast cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, United States, more than 12 percent of women born today will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her life. Experts suspect it is one of them is influenced by diet.

Americans rarely eat soy. The new 37 percent who consume soy foods or drinks several times a month. Meanwhile in Asia, a protein derived from soybeans into the daily diet.

For several years experts continue to explore the benefits of soy for health, especially cancer. Previous studies showed soy isoflavones, namely genistein, could inhibit the effect of tamoxifen (drug hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women) and promote growth of estrogen positive resepstor.

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