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Kamis, 08 September 2011


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Cancer, we have often heard the disease was named as one of the major diseases 'deadly'. Of course, we mean here not just cancer that is often spoofed into 'dry bag'. If it does, the medicine can be searched with sweat.

Actually what is it cancer? Cancer is a disease caused by the growth of body tissue cells are not normal, so it turns into cancer cells. Furthermore, these cancer cells can grow / spread to other body parts, so when it is severe can cause death. Most people assume that cancer is just the tumor. Though the tumor is any abnormal lumps or abnormal in the body that is not inflammatory. While cancer is a malignant tumor.

This severe disease can have on people in all age groups, men and women. Cancer can also occur in any part of the body. In Indonesia, some types of cancer ever discovered is on the cervix, breast, liver, lungs, skin, nasoparing, lymph nodes, blood cancers, the colon, and others. For cervical and breast cancer, suffered by many women.

Normally when cancer has not spread and damage the surrounding tissue, the patient does not feel any symptoms or complaints. Therefore, many people who already have cancer, but did not realize. They realized if exposed to the disease, if there are symptoms and complaints, or when the disease has begun to develop. Not a few people who checked into the hospital after a severe illness.

Cancer Deadly Diseases

World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, each year the world of cancer patients increased 6.25 million people. In the next 10 years an estimated 9 million people die each year from cancer. Two-thirds of cancer in the world are in developing countries. In Indonesia alone, the death rate from this disease tend to increase. According to the data each year, from 100 thousand inhabitants, found 100 new cancer patients.

WHO also stated that a third to half of cancers could be prevented. A third can be cured if found and treated at an early stage / early stage. The rest can only be alleviated suffering. Therefore, prevention of cancer and found it at an early stage is very important. Prevention efforts can liberate people from cancer. While knowing the disease in its early stages will offset the cost of treatment is relatively expensive.

Why Cancer Rising

Lifestyle of modern society that tends to consumer, is closely associated with the onset of various diseases are not caused by infection. That is a disease caused cell growth slowdown (degenerative diseases), such as heart disease and cancer.

Most modern society today many who like to consume foods high in fat content, and consume less natural fibers. This can be evidenced by the widespread and best-selling variety of restaurants serving foreign-style fast food. The habit of eating preserved foods can also trigger cancer. Likewise, drinking alcohol and smoking habits.

How to Prevent Cancer

However, it is better to prevent than cure. Preventing the cancer can be done by reducing the consumption of fatty foods / high in cholesterol, and increase consumption of fiber and colorful vegetables. Butter also stay away from cigarettes and alcohol. Stay away from adultery / promiscuity, to avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases. But not good for health, three things are also something to be shunned by the Islamic teachings. In addition, try to live balanced, orderly and avoid stress. It may work hard but also have enough rest. If you need to check your health regularly and orderly.

Wary Cancer Symptoms

If in your body there is a lump or abnormality, it should really pay attention as cancer, although not disturbing. You also need to be vigilant for any changes or disturbances in bowel habits or minor. Similarly, if the digestion disturbed and difficult swallowing, and hoarseness and cough does not heal. Moles / andeng-andeng changing its nature, becomes increasingly larger and change color, also should be aware. Similarly, if there is an abnormal blood or lenders out of the body, and ulcers / sores do not heal old. Some of these are early symptoms of cancer. When you experience it you should consult a doctor to make sure it is cancer or not.

For liver cancer, you need to be vigilant when suddenly his face became pale yellow, knotted stomach, heartburn felt tight, and the urine was yellow. At the next level decreased appetite, and sleep did not taste good.

Treating Cancer

Disease burden of cancer often causes a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual for people. This is because a very high medical costs, long treatment times, a sense vemas and physical suffering is quite heavy.

To cure the illness, cancer patients can choose the way of medical treatment-conventional or alternative (non-magic / shaman). According to Drs. Koosnadi Saputra dr. Pulitbang Yantekkes Sp.R from MOH, to seek conventional treatment with surgery untukmembuang tumor to kill cancer cells with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or wear to destroy cancer cells. While alternative medicine is based on the paradigm of Eastern medicine, has the general objective to increase the immune system, inhibit cancer growth, reducing pain and improving the body's main functions.

Still according to Koosnadi, alternative treatments are safe, useful, logical thinking medicine, easy in implementation and in-depth research based, so-called biological therapy for cancer.

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