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Kamis, 08 September 2011

Radiation Increase the Risk of brain Cancer in Children

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Children who are affected by exposure to radiation therapy before the age of five are known to have affected the risk for tumors in the brain or central nervous system a few years later. The data was obtained from studies of children who survive childhood cancer. Types of nerve tumors are often found in children are gliomas and meningiomas, which are generally found in the brain and other parts.

About 1% of the total cancer patients aged children who are able to survive in the intervening years are known to be affected by tumors on the nervous system if they are exposed to radiation. The highest risk for second cancer (cancer of the nervous system) for children who undergo radiation therapy at very young ages have a chance to develop into brain cancer later in life.

A study involving 14 361 patients with cancer at the age of children who survive after five years was released from cancer, including 116 children suffering from cancer a few years later the nerve. A total of 40 of them suffering from gliomas nine years later after the first free of cancer at age children and 66 of them suffering from cancer meningiomas lapse 17 years after the first declared cured of cancer at the age of the children.

Healing with the way radiation is known to have a risk of up to six-fold to cause the occurrence of glioma and ten-fold to hit meningioma. The risk of developing cancer of the nerves will increase along with increasing doses of radiation used for cancer treatment therapies of first suffered.

However, the researchers concluded that there is need for further observations of the children who survived from cancer at a young age especially those undergoing radiation therapy for an indication or early detection of cancers that will strike next.

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