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Minggu, 18 September 2011

Benefits of Tea For The Liver

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Tea is known as a nutritious beverage. Since ancient times, people are always drinking tea to preserve health. In addition to eliminating hunger tea still keep many secrets. Recently found another one of the properties of tea. That tea was good for heart health.

The findings of a study sponsored by the tea industry is concluded, a glass of tea is very good for the heart. Although these findings have not been able to lift "degrees" of tea as a health food or drink, but the research conducted at Boston University found that tea can make the arteries work better in people who suffer from liver disease.

The results of previous research on tea also concluded that people who drink tea have a lower risk for heart disease than those who rarely drink tea.

In a recent study funded by "The North America Tea Trade Health Research Association" (NATHRA) this, examine some of the people who drink tea regularly, then gauge the effect on the body carefully. And the results of this study were presented at a regular meeting of the American Heart Association (AHA) in New Orleans.

The research was conducted on 50 men and women who had this defect. All volunteers were asked to drink tea as much as 4 to 8 cups of tea every day for a month. Next they were asked to drink water every day for another month.

The researchers found the blood flow and blood pressure became normal volunteers while they drank tea for a month. However, when they drink water for a month, no significant changes to their blood pressure and flow.

The results of this study was encouraging for us-we are 'hooked' drinking tea, especially for who have liver disease. but unfortunately, the researchers themselves who 'commanded' by Dr. Joseph A. Vita, not presumptuous to suggest that drinking tea as an effort to cure liver disease.

"I drink tea because I'm sure tea is good for health," says Vita. "But me and my colleagues are still not ready to recommend drinking tea for heart treatment." Said Vita.

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Mr Nyariadi mengatakan...

i'm ussualy drink tea the morning, nice post
thanks vising

Advan Angkasa mengatakan...

useful post, thanks for sharing

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