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Senin, 05 September 2011

When You Are Difficult to Achieve Orgasm

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The difficulty to achieve orgasm experienced by women, not solely caused by a couple who do not "smart". It could be that it stems from her own self.

To be sure, try to be honest with yourself while reading the following check list:

Surrender to the couple

According to sex expert who wrote You Can Be Your Own Sex Therapist, Carole Altman, Ph.D., achieving orgasm is not only determined by the activity of the couple, but also you. Men are more often want to perform intercourse, but women need at least 20 minutes of foreplay before intercourse.

Solution: Do not be afraid to tell your partner that you need to prepare for intercourse, and you need a longer stimulation to increase arousal.

The mind is not focused

The desire to appear perfect is one of the mistakes that actually makes women do not achieve pleasure during lovemaking. Sexolog Gloria G. Brame, Ph.D. says that the brain is a vital part to feel the sensation of love and release substances that trigger a sense of satisfaction.

The thoughts that are not major things, like: "Does this position make me slimmer?" or "Is he aware of cellulite on the thighs?" Making women's minds get distracted and lose enjoyment of sexual activity.

Solution: Pause before all thoughts that are not associated with sexual activity. Concentrate on aktvitas being carried out, including the body's reaction. You can also do yoga breathing, respiratory rhythm that is equated with a partner.

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