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Kamis, 15 September 2011

Waist Size Could be the Detection of Heart Disease

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Measuring tape may be the best tool for predicting heart disease, some researchers said earlier this week.

Studies presented at the meeting of "American Heart Association" (American Heart Association) showed a large waist may be a short road to a heart attack or serious heart disease.

"Waist circumference is an important thing," said a heart expert at the University of Colorado and Chairman of the American Heart Association, Dr. Robert Eckel to the Health and Science Correspondent Reuters news agency, Maggie Fox.

During this time your doctor checks your cholesterol, blood pressure and obesity levels to measure the risk of heart disease, which is known as the number one killer in the U.S. and other countries in the world.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention U.S. states, in 2001, there were 930 thousand Americans who die from cardiovascular disease.

Smoking remains the leading cause of heart disease, but the problem of obesity began to chase ratings.

Statistics began to show by clear, entrenched in the body where fat is to look out for your body shape 'apple' in which the fat gathered in the middle of the abdomen or body shape is more dangerous than 'pear' large in the buttocks or thighs.

Dr. Xavier Jouven of INSERM, a group of researchers in Villejuif, France, and colleagues conducted a study of 7000 middle-aged French policemen who died in 1967 until 1984 with the cause of heart attack or other heart disease.

They pay attention to waist size and BMI (body mass index or body mass index), the ratio of height and weight are used in general to know someone overweight or obese.

Potbellied men likely to die sooner, said Jouven at the heart association meeting.

"The risk of sudden death increases as the density in the abdomen or stomach," said Jouven in a news conference, adding it has not been observed further that no deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest.

In addition, the study also found that people with high BMI numbers are not at risk of early death except for those that have a large waist circumference.

As a rule of thumb, the waist measures 40 inches or 102 cm is a sign of danger for men, while for women the risk is increased in waist size of 30 inches or 76 cm.

Dr. Khawaja Ammar of the Olmsted Medical Center in Rochester, Minnesota (USA), conducted a study of 2,000 adults aged 45 years and over in the region and made a number of counting fat by waist circumference, neck circumference, BMI and skin fold thickness of the arm and abdomen.

The research team also found that the people who was "apple" has a tendency to suffer from heart-specific symptoms called left ventricular dysfunction and diastolic dysfunction is a benchmark performance of the heart in pumping blood.

After observing the people in the group who died within five years, they concluded that the low diastoliknya function and have a large waist size, likely to die earlier.

"Do not just calculate the height, weight and BMI, preferably accompanied by measuring waist circumference, neck circumference are also gentlemen," said Khawaja Ammar.

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