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Minggu, 04 September 2011

Side Effects of Sleeping Pills

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When the body feels tired, we certainly hope straight to bed. Unfortunately, not everyone can just sleep easy. For them, sleeping pills seemed comparable with rest of the night. However, be aware that studies have linked sleep dangers of drug consumption in the long run.

Sleeping pills were not merely making a deep sleep. Dr. Genevieve Belleville research from Canada suggests that those who used sleeping pills drank three or more tablets have an increased risk of death more quickly than people who do not take sleeping pills. Another impact of the use of sleeping pills are the chronic health problems, such as addiction to alcohol or cigarettes, as well as the possible cause of depression.

Side effects of sleeping pills are attracted the attention of researchers because many OTC sleeping pills. In the UK, an estimated 10 million sleeping pills are prescribed every year. Sleeping pills that can be sold freely it usually contain antihistamines are high, as is commonly prescribed by doctors, such as Valium.

The case is considered crucial. Therefore, the researchers did not differentiate between the scale weight sleeping drug users and those who occasionally use them. "These drugs are not candy and can bring them in danger," said Belleville.

Based on research for 12 years and analyzed more than 12,000 data in Canada, Dr. Belleville stated that the death rate and significantly higher for users of sleeping pills and those taking medication to reduce anxiety.

After taking into account levels of alcohol and tobacco on physical health, physical activity, and depression, Dr. Belleville found that sleeping pills are able to increase the 36 percent risk of death. "They are also more susceptible to any kind of disease from parasites to cancer," said Dr. Belleville.

Other findings of the side effects of sleeping pills is also not to be taken lightly. "Sleeping pills and anti-anxiety effect on reaction time and coordination so as to make a person more easily falls and accidents," he said.

For those who have problems with heart, Belleville found that sleeping pills can suppress the respiratory system that will aggravate breathing problems during sleep. "These drugs are also working on the central nervous system that affects the assessment and mood. There is a danger of these drugs increase suicide risk," he said.

He said, cognitive behavioral therapy has shown good results in treating insomnia and anxiety. Therefore, the physician can discuss these therapies with their patients systematically as an option. "Combining pharmacological approaches in the short term psychological treatment is a promising strategy to reduce anxiety and promote sleep," said Dr. Belleville.

Nevertheless, these studies have been criticized. Professor Jim Horne of Loughborough University said the research still needs to be studied further. "It is also questionable reaction to what happens when people do not use sleeping pills," he said.

The study, published in the Journal of Psychiatry, Canada, is sourced from the National Health Survey of Canada. The participants included people aged 18 to 102 years and surveyed every two years between 1994 and 2007.

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