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Senin, 05 September 2011

Maintain Body Weight to Stay Healthy

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Keeping achievements more difficult than the pursuit of achievement in itself. Managed through diet with intake of foods that make your scales are at secure numbers certainly a very proud achievement, especially if your body is getting formed by diligent exercise.

Well the thing is, how to keep your weight and body shape you have an ideal stay awake for a long time. Because it is not uncommon some women get fat again gained weight even more than before the diet. In order for your diet is not a yo-yo dieting, then you should stick with these ways.

Surviving On Diet

This is what makes the numbers scale with your friends. A diet that you live on a diet aimed at improving the body's metabolism and keep all the nutrients that you consume. Healthy? Of course. So here's the mind set that you should cultivate. Healthy diet you will have an impact on your health, if the bonus is the ideal body shape, it is indeed a bonus that you deserve.

Variation Sports

In order for your whole body gets the same sport intake, vary the exercise you take. When these two weeks you have been satisfied to swim, try changing your workouts on a treadmill for a week. You can also try cardio workouts to optimize work of the heart and your breathing. Exercise not only to expel the fat that accumulates on the hips instead?

Friendly With Mineral Water

Your eyes will be tempted to see rows of cold soft drinks sold by hawkers on the roadside. Juice packaging is often claimed to healthy, but if you return the material manufacturer, often it is only water, sugar, and food flavorings. But not good for health, beverage packaging will increase the intake of calories from sugar.

To avoid the great temptation, bring in bottled mineral water you can bring from home. In addition to healthier and help reduce hunger, you can save money by buying bottled drinks.

Snacking? Who's Afraid

Do not assume that snacking will make you fat. You will be obese if you are a fried snack, snack 'mild' with a big calorie that did not feel or a plate of delicious dumplings that are calorie-laden snacks. All you have to consider is your snack choices.

Please try it, you eat bengkoang, fresh carrot or apple as a snack and your friends are eating food 'light' in the same amount. Within a month, see who still singset and who have been stretched due to a snack 'mild'. So? Have a snack with a choice of menu rich in fiber and healthy.

Never Too Tight In Yourself

When the weekend arrives. Please try a serving of steak or pizza in small portions. Take it easy, if you know the extent to which you can enjoy a meal, you will not be heavy. A piece of pizza will not make you fat, but a medium-size pizza seloyang you spend alone will damage the diet for months you have lived.

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