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Minggu, 04 September 2011

Choosing Appropriate Sports Body Shape

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In addition to choosing age-appropriate sports, sports suit your body shape can also be one consideration in choosing what type of exercise is best. Because everyone, both men and women have the body type and shape are different. This is because body shape is influenced by genetic factors inherited from both parents. Want to try Choosing Exercise Body Shape Under .. ?

But why should Choosing Sports Match Body Shape? Because the shape of the body also indicate the number and distribution pattern of fat cells are different. Therefore there are some people who do not get good results despite exercising regularly. That was, perhaps because the sport did not fit the body shape you have.

For that body shape determines the type of exercise should be chosen to reduce the amount of fat from his body. Here are sports that fit her shape are:

Apple body shape
This guy has a middle part (chest and abdomen) with a larger form of arms and legs are smaller, and the accumulation of fat in the waist. This form is predominantly found in males, but women are more vulnerable to developing it in mid-life.

Sports are selected: you should do aerobic exercise for slim body shape and lose body fat, running, jogging, climbing and high-intensity cardio workout that can build some muscle in the leg. While the exercises can be done to the lower body is pilates and squat.

Pear shape body
This guy has the upper body is smaller with the hips and thighs are huge. This type stores more fat in the hips, buttocks and thighs.

Sports: should emphasize these areas due to more number of fat cells, which is 75 percent of the time sports to the bottom and 25 percent for upper body. For the lower body can be with cycling, bend knees and squat exercises, while to build up the chest and back can with push ups and shoulder press.

Hourglass body shape (like a figure 8)
This body shape tend to be larger in the upper and lower body, but more slender in the waist. Generally form the shoulders and hips almost as wide with small waist and flat stomach. This form is often considered a desirable body shape of women.

Sports: is done should be routine and focused on all areas, such as cardio exercise, stationary bike, jogging, jumping rope, swimming and shoulder press.

V body shape
This body shape like the letter V or also known as the triangle (cone), the shape is wide at the top and smaller at the bottom. Usually the size of the shoulder 2-3 inches wider than the hips. This form is regarded as the ideal type of men because it consists of broad shoulders, tiny waist and powerful legs.

Sports: can be done should also include the lower part of the body such as squatting, bending the knee and gives emphasis on the feet. And also do cardio workouts to burn fat and shrink the waist.

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